Chef Sam Allen has returned to his hometown with his wife Laurie Allen to start this upscale southern cuisine style restaurant called Corner Kitchen.  Chef Sam left Blackstone in 2001 and started his culinary career through study at New England Culinary Institute.  During and after his schooling, he traveled throughout the country learning different styles of cuisine.  From New Orleans to Vermont to North Carolina, Chef Sam has taken the opportunity to hone his skills in these different styles while never losing the love he has for the slow-cooked, deep flavors of the south.  He met wife Laurie while she was working as a bartender in Vermont.  She honed her skills with learning classic cocktails in New Orleans that enhance the amazing food that Chef Sam produces.  After several years of learning in different areas of the country, both have taken the skills they have amassed and put them together to give you Corner Kitchen!  Their love for the restaurant industry and the food and drinks they produce can be seen at their wonderful establishment everyday.  

Corner Kitchen

101 S Main St, Blackstone, VA, United States


Our dining is on a first come, first served basis. However, if you have a large party, are planning an event, or need catering services, drop us a line and we'll hook you up. 

Sam Allen

Owner/ Executive Chef  

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Corner Kitchen(434)298-0001  

101 South Main st.     Blackstone, VA

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Our History

We're located in the heart of old town. Centrally located, you can easily get to us from any area in the valley. Here's a map, but if you get lost, just give us a call and we'll tell you how to get here. 

Laurie Allen

Owner/ General Manager